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Kara Walker + Obsidian @ SFMOMA exhibit

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Down The Rabbit Hole

Down, down the rabbit hole we go—a tumble into the unfamiliar, the wondrous, and the surreal, where everything we thought we knew is upside down and inside out. The Rabbit Hole is an escape from the world of wine you recognize. Separate and distinct from our tasting room, it locates itself in a realm of invention, exploration, and discovery. Down the Rabbit Hole, colors look brighter. Flavors break free. Attitudes adjust.

Like a speakeasy for seekers who prefer the path less traveled and welcome the weird and wonderful, the Rabbit Hole is a lab of sorts: a place to taste little known varietals or experience craft methods that produce strange surprises ranging from summer sparklers to cider blends.

Our off-the-beaten path Rabbit Hole is a hidden gem, most often discovered by those who crave an experience beyond the sip and swirl of traditional tasting rooms. Here, you’ll enjoy wines that are still coming of age, and discover new incarnations of centuries-old styles. And we promise you this, you’ll leave with an expanded understanding of what west coast winemaking means, and a new view of how wine looks, tastes and behaves. Curiouser and curiouser, n’est pas?

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