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Pezsgö (Pej-guh)

The name is as curious and fun as the wine it describes. Hungarian for sparkling wine, this Pet-Nat pinot noir nods to our family heritage and the effervescent energy of the bubbles in the bottle. While many would sniff at turning Napa Valley pinot noir into a petillant nature!, we've been growing grapes for California's top sparkling programs (Chandon, Mumm, Schramsberg) for nearly 50 years. So we felt it was time to make something sparkling in our own style: fresh and informal, simple and elegant, with the raw flavor and heady aroma of fermenting pinot noir that fills the cellar each harvest.

Pezsgö isn't fussy or fancy, but it is of superior quality, made in the Ancestral Method of natural winemaking. Pezsgö celebrates vitality, youth and joy.

We invite you to enjoy it with friends, and to remember that natural wines contain sediment and can be cloudy. Let it settle or invert it to see the magic in action.

Obsidian "Pezsgö" Sparkling Pinot Noir

Light, fresh, clean, and fermenty. In a world of grungy Pet-Nats, Pezsgo is like Pinot Noir's elixir of youth. If Peter Pan were to ever make a wine, that's Pezsgo.

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