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Kara Walker + Obsidian @ SFMOMA exhibit

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Oyster Harvest

As we have gotten to know our friends at Hog Island Oyster Co., we have been struck by the similarities between growing oysters and growing grapes. Our partnership with them began with our Rosé for the Bay project, a wine of ours from our seaside Poseidon Vineyard that is poured exclusively at Hog Island and whose proceeds (more than $75,000 in 2020 alone) go directly to San Francisco Baykeeper in support of clean water. Hog Island and Obsidian Wine Co. are partners in protecting our rivers, bays, and oceans as we know how critical clean water is to our products, our ecosystems, and our children.

As we worked together, we found it hard to ignore the natural intersection between oysters and wine — merroir and terroir, if you will. Forget for a moment the obvious: that they pair well together and that it’s a whole lot of fun to indulge in each. Elemental influences like salinity and minerality express themselves based on varietal, growing conditions, and place. Aquaculture and viticulture are more similar than you think.

Join us out at the “Farm” in Marshall, CA at the edge of Tomales Bay as we take a deep dive into our shared work together, to understand shellfish and wine in their ecological context, where seascape and landscape collide. We will help make sense of “place” as it relates to food source, and to show you the culture of each craft as we explore the boundaries where nature and humans intersect and how we can make those places more sustainable for each.

And oh by the way, if you like oysters and wine — this is as fun, delicious, and educational as it gets.

Date: TBA Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
RSVP is required • $190/person • $160/Wine Club Members
*A deposit of $90 ($60 for Wine Club Members) is required at booking, with the outstanding balance of $100 due at the time of the adventure.

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