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Kara Walker + Obsidian @ SFMOMA exhibit

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The Only Vineyard You Can Sail to In Napa

Northern California is a poetic land of extremes, of mountains and sea, of sun and fog and wind. And when it all collides, the result is sublime. That's the magic of our seaside vineyard at the foothills of the Mayacamas range, where Carneros Creek and Napa River flow together into San Pablo Bay. It is a land of brisk, foggy mornings and dry, dazzling afternoons, of maritime breezes and temperamental changes in temperature.

When Nicholas Molnar first planted the vineyard's 84 gravelly, clay-loam acres in 1973, people said he was out of his mind, that the southernmost region of Napa and its capricious climate was not suitable for growing fine-wine grapes. His sons Peter and Arpad - who spent teenage summers working the seaside vineyard, sleeping on a sailboat moored at the site - named this place Poseidon Vineyard for the Greek God of earthquakes and the sea.

Now, using casks of the densest Hungarian oak, sourced from their Kadar cooperage to age and inspire the wines' natural traits, Obsidian turns out Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs that convey wild, raw days standing at the edge of the Bay.

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