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We are open for tastings and adventures.

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Summer Harvest

Our adventures can be fast-paced action packed days or more contemplative excursions that invite you to slow down and take in all the natural world by getting close to the earth.

Join us for a summer harvest, which is likely to mean an abundant crop of tomatoes, greens, lavender, herbs, and beautiful eggs from the hens grazing on the farm. Learn about day-to-day life on a working farm and settle into a slow pace that often feels more like a moving meditation, with the gratification of yielding fresh sustenance for whole communities at the same time.

Our adventurous and risk-taking friends and neighbors at Peace & Plenty Farm are saffron farmers. But when saffron’s not in season, they are harvesting an array of gorgeous produce and making product like honeys, soaps, salts, and more. Besides being actual neighbors, we share a philosophy and approach to farming, community, sustainability, and fun.

You may be asked to help, but you’ll be rewarded with a basket of fresh produce to take home, and trust us when we tell you, nothing tastes better than the food you pick and prepare yourself

Date: July 10
Time: 11:00am
RSVP is required • $125/person • $100/Wine Club Members

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