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Gulyás Fest

Bringing people together over shared connection and new experiences is at the very core of our work. We are eager to bring our community together and express our gratitude to our Wine Club members in particular for all your support.

Join the Molnars, winemaker Alex Beloz and the extended Obsidian family in our barrel cellar for a celebration of the season, complete with warm, homemade Gulyás, a tasting of current release wines and barrel samples, and first dibs to purchase limited bottlings for your holidays.

Gulyás, meaning ‘herdsmen’, is a traditional stew that is the heart of Hungarian family gatherings. Every family has their own version of this simple meat and onion stew made with copious quantities of genuine paprika, but the real thing is nothing like the American ‘Goulash.’ It is rich, warm and delicious, and we’ll slow cook up an enormous copper pot of our Molnar Family recipe for you, along with other holiday treats.

We expect this event will sell out quickly, so please reserve your spot asap.

Date & Time: Sunday, December 8th
RSVP Required • $40/person • Over 21 Only
Complimentary for Wine Club Members

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