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Writers' Colony Trio

Writers' Colony Trio
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Obsidian has collaborated with The Writer's Colony—a non-profit writers' residency founded by Mara Brock Akil—to create a trio of wines selected to accompany you while you find your voice. A portion of the proceeds of each Trio sold will be donated to The Writers' Colony.

The Writers' Colony Trio includes 1 bottle each: 

2022 Obsidian Estate Pinot Noir 
Grown on our Poseidon Estate Vineyard in the Carneros region of Napa Valley, our Pinot Noir is aged in 300-liter barrels and a single 3,000-liter upright oval cask. These oversized vessels add a signature spiciness, complementing the pure, fruit-filled expression of Pinot Noir.

Writing: When you need a little “break” from that outline, crack this bottle open.

2021 Obsidian Volcanic Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Estate Cabernet is the signature wine of Obsidian Ridge Vineyard and embodies the complexity and wildness of the site with its distinct volcanic character—intense color, aroma and flavor, with a freshness and minerality.

Rewriting: For when you’re getting ready to get back to the page..

2022 Obsidian “Pezsgő” Sparkling Pinot Noir
The amazing aroma of crushed cranberries and fresh fermentation bursts from this naturally sparkling wine made from our Estate Pinot Noir. Pezsgő is fresh and informal, simple and elegant, with clean, raw flavors. This natural wine contains sediment—let it settle before serving, or invert to serve slightly cloudy.

Rejoicing: What better way to celebrate a final draft than with a bottle of exuberant pink bubbles!

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