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2020 Obsidian Wine Co. “Pezsgő” Pétillant Naturel Petite Sirah

2020 Obsidian Wine Co. “Pezsgő” Pétillant Naturel Petite Sirah
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Obsidian Ridge Vineyard is planted at 2,640' atop the Mayacamas range north of the Napa Valley. This is one of the newest American Viticultural Areas, named Red Hills Lake County for the distinctive volcanic soils that define this remarkable mountain appellation. The vineyard’s red soils are shot through with obsidian rock—this steep, sloping terroir of obsidian gravel is all that a winemaker could hope for. The unrestricted drainage and meager soil fertility produce wines with great tannic structure.

This single bin, picked with care, arrived to the winery on the afternoon of September 18th. At that time, the fruit was loaded into our press, wholecluster, and squeezed gently to minimize tannin and color pick-up in the juice, things that are usually the calling card of Petite Sirah. The juice was chilled for twenty-four hours to allow any solids to settle out and then moved into neutral Hungarian oak to ferment. No sulfur or other additions of any kind were added. The juice was allowed to slowly warm over the next few days in our cellar until spontaneous fermentation began. The barrels were then moved into our cold room and monitored daily until we hit just the right Brix level. Too little and there's no bubbles. Too much and you have to wear safety glasses to open a bottle. When that magic moment occurs, the wine must be rushed into bottle. Our tasting room and wine club crew kicked into high gear and bottled all 25 cases in one afternoon. No fining or filtering, this wine is as it came from the vineyard. With minimal intervention and only a tiny amount of sulfur added right before bottling. Natural wine. Clean natural wine.

Casey Graybehl, Winemaker

Petite Sirah
Red Hills Lake County
Harvest Date
Sept 18, 2020
Titratable Acidity
6.56 g/L
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
2,300' to 2,640'
Year Planted
Vine Spacing
8' x 6'
Cases Produced

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